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AKS News » The Archaeological Sites of Argolida

Mycenae - Jason Ramos (1)

Argolida is a region with many thousands of years of history. The temperate climate, the fertile soil, the generous sea provide the ideal conditions for settlements which, in turn, become powerful cities. Around Porto Heli and farther away you can find some of the most important archeological sites in Greece.


It is perhaps the most famous theater in the world. Epidaurus has many thousands of visitors every year; they don’t only want to see this architectural marvel, but watch magical performances, an experience that, for theater lovers, can be compared with few things in life.


The palace and the city of Mycenae show the glorious distant past of Greece. Imposing graves, huge walls and impressive findings make Mycenae a place that is almost imperative to visit.


This cave hosted the most ancient neolithic settlement in Greece. Even today the archeologists discover new things that give us information on people who lived there tens of thousands of years ago.


That’s where Theseus started his journey; today it is a beautiful archeological site, hidden in the trees. It is very close to Porto Heli and a visit there will be an ideal way to spend your day.


Tiryns is a site near Argos and Nafplion. It has the added advantage of being close to one of the best beaches in Argolida, Tolo. Combine them for a perfect trip.

Porto Heli

Porto Heli has its own archeological site. What’s most impressive is that half of it is on land and the other in the sea. If you feel like scuba diving, this is where you’ll find what you’re looking for!

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