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AKS News » Spetses Armata 2015


Saturday, September 12, 2015 will be the highlight of the celebrations for the Spetses Armata, a phantasmagoric spectacle that every year grabs the interest of thousands of people who want to watch the reenactment of the naval battle that took place on September 8, 1822. The celebrations will last all week with various cultural events, like theater and traditional dances, as well as events of historical interest, but, without doubt, the most appealing part of Spetses Armata is the reenactment itself, since it’s a spectacle that sets the water on fire!
Dozens of small and big boats are used for the Armata, while the residents use as many fireworks as possible, fireworks that will be launched from these boats in order to show the setting on fire of the Turkish fleet. You can watch the Armata from the Spetses coast, but that is not the best way to do it. If you’re at Porto Heli, we would suggest you get a hydrotaxi or get on a boat with a group of people. They will take you to open waters, a bit farther away from where the people of Spetses have prepared the reenactment. In the total darkness of the sea, with thousands of stars hanging above you, you’ll see that all of a sudden everything is illuminated, the water is glowing. Now that is the proper way to enjoy the Armata!
Of course, there is an emotional weight to the event, since it refers to the titanic effort of the Greeks during the Revolution to win against the Turkish fleet, which was much superior in numbers. A week of amazing spectacles can definitely instill in people’s minds the sacrifices that the Greeks of the past had to make so the country can now be free.
The second Saturday of September is a time when many people go to Spetses and Porto Heli. The weather still belongs in the summer and the vacations can be combined with the celebrations. The Spetses Armata is an experience that you’ll keep for life.