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AKS News » Porto Heli Carnival 2016 – Many surprises await

Porto Heli Carnival

Argolida is a large region, with people that always keep smiling and don’t miss a chance for celebration. It’s no surprise then that many cities and towns in Argolida are organizing events for this year’s carnival. Nafplion, Argos, even our neighbor, Koilada, are partying this year as well, and Porto Heli couldn’t but be a pioneer in this effort.

Of course Porto Heli is once more innovating, since the carnival there will take place later than the rest, on March 12 and will include a night parade for floats and masqueraded people, while a concert is being prepared in its beautiful harbor. The restaurants of the area also want to be included in the festivities, since they’ll organize theme parties.

Sunday afternoon will be full of surprises as well, as there will be a foot masquerade, along with other events that will include a juggler, a magician and a see bonfire.

Porto Heli knows how to celebrate and it proves as much once more during the Carnival of 2016.

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