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AKS News » The new Paros airport will give new life to the island

New airport

It makes sense for an island as popular as Paros to want to maximize the ways with which it can cater to its visitors and the travelers that flock each year to the island. Access to it is perhaps one of the most important issues and this is exactly what the new Paros airport wants to solve, an airport that, if everything goes according to plan, will very soon be ready to welcome everyone who wants to spend an amazing vacation on one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades.

Paros, of course, already has an airport, which, especially during the summer months, is particularly active, but there’s always room for improvement. A larger airport, one that can accept bigger airplanes and, as a result, more people, will transform the tourist sector of the island and will make Paros a direct destination for many places in Europe and the world.

Tourism is one of the main sources of income for Greece and the residents of Paros know this all too well. It’s no accident that the people of Paros are famous for their hospitality, the way they take care of the guests and make them not want to leave or, after the finally depart, they make them desire to come back. The new airport will make this desire easier to fulfill and, despite the various delays, many in Paros are optimistic that, come summer, a new era will begin on the island.

What’s most pleasing is that the character of Paros will stay unaltered. The island is already famous as cosmopolitan and the people are already coming for the restaurants and bars, the shops and, of course, the beaches. The new Paros airport can only enhance this identity, make it known all over the world.

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