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AKS News » The Didyma Caves in Argolida

Didyma cave

If you’re heading to Porto Heli from Athens, chances are that you may not see a sign that would direct you to the Didyma Caves of Argolida. The village itself (Didyma) is hidden in a valley north of Kranidi, surrounded by mountains, and access to it is through the turn-ridden mountainous (but excellently maintained) roads of Argolida’s interior.
You’ll need then someone local to indicate to you that if you go off the beaten path for a while and avoid the main roads that connect the major villages and the towns of the area, you’ll soon reach a brown sign with gold letters that will show you the way towards the two Didyma caves. And if you get there and complain “but there aren’t caves, they are craters”, we’ll tell you that you’re right. Their roof has collapsed (who knows when) and they can’t really be considered caves anymore. Our answer, though, might be that the formation could very well be more impressive like that. Two large craters that act as an animal shelter (both domesticated and not) and embedded in the cliffs you’ll see two chapels from the Byzantine and later years.
The Big Cave and the Small Cave aren’t among the sights that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. When you get there, you might not even meet other travelers; it’s more likely that you’ll encounter a shepherd. But this different excursion has something unique: it will take you through the mountains, towards a valley that in the right time of the year is full of tulips and towards two holes on the slopes of the tall mountains of Argolida.

And when we say holes, don’t think that you can cross them easily or jump over them. They have a depth and a diameter of dozens of meters, perhaps even hundreds, and it will be difficult to get from one side to the other. Good shoes, water and a willingness to hike will help you go through that. Just a quick piece of advice: if you believe that some place is hard to get to, don’t try it; better to be safe than sorry.
Small birds and bats have made their homes in the crevices of the steep cliff and if you’re lucky (and they are unlucky) you’ll see them come out and fly towards the skies, a view worthy of the best Hollywood films.
The Didyma caves are very close to Porto Heli, just a few minutes away by car. If you’re going from Porto Heli to Kranidi or Koilada, just a short detour will bring you to these impressive geological formations. Don’t miss your chance to see another miracle of nature offered by Argolida.

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