28th Porto Heli International Festival for Art and Culture


Music, dances, poetry, workshops, lectures. From July 30 to August 12, Porto Heli, this idyllic and cosmopolitan town on the coast of beautiful Argolida, is proud to host, like every year since 1988, the Porto Heli International Festival for Art and Culture. From Greek traditional dances to works for piano, from musical fairy tales to poetry nights and from lectures on nutrition to educational workshops, the Porto Heli International Festival has something for everyone, whether they are local or are here, in majestic Porto Heli, on vacation. Since 1988, the great pianist and educator Yorgos Manessis has been hosting in Manessis Estate this international festival, in order to showcase the area’s culture, but also its bonds with the rest of Greece, as well as the world. It’s not by accident, after all, that the festival hosts thirty five artists from seven different countries (Greece, Germany, Albania, Chile, Russia, United States of America, Cuba). Among the trees and next to the sea, new and accomplished artists will unfold their talent and provide the audience with moments of joy and entertainment. Entrance will of course be free of charge, with the help of the Municipality of Ermionis and Yorgos Manessis himself. The Porto Heli International Festival for Art and Culture has become an institution in the area. And it is important that such efforts are made in areas of rural Greece, away from Athens and other big cities. Porto Heli is always a pioneer in such efforts and its residents have embraced the festival; the events are also attended by people that come from the surrounding areas and even farther away. Porto Heli is an ideal place to go on vacation and it can satisfy the most refined tastes. The 28th International Festival for Art and Culture is a small, but significant sample.  Peloponnese Hotels – AKS Porto Heli